On-demand Webinars

January 27, 2022

Vector LMS for Casinos Review




Special Override


As we continue to strengthen our high-performing total management solution for casinos and build better systems that facilitate the workflow of training teams, we want to keep our most valuable asset close: you, the customer. That’s why, in 2022, we’re ushering in a live webinar to welcome customers (and anyone looking for an online learning solution!) for a review of all of the amazing benefits Vector LMS for Casinos has to offer.

During this webinar we discussed how you can build a better workflow that saves time and increases productivity. 

Vector LMS Features Discussed

✓ Custom Homepage

✓ Analytics Dashboard

✓ User Management Dashboard

✓ Assessment Management Dashboard


✓ Notification Center

✓ Training Matrices 

✓ Custom Course Authoring Tools