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The State of Industrial Worker Safety and Wellbeing





Within the complex environments of industrial workspaces, a fundamental question lingers: do workers genuinely feel that their safety is the utmost priority?

Explore the thoughts and perspectives of industrial workers in the United States in this first-of-its-kind industrial worker safety survey. Download the report to uncover their perceptions of safety within their workplaces and the roles their companies play in safeguarding their mental and physical well-being.

Safety Insights: What Manufacturing Workers Really Want

Gain firsthand insights into the experiences, concerns, and suggestions of manufacturing workers regarding safety practices in the manufacturing industry.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our key findings:

  • Safety is the 2nd most important factor when choosing a job
  • 81% of workers say their company’s training makes them feel more inclined to stay at the company
  • 46% of manufacturing workers say their employer could do more to reduce safety incidents

Download the report to unlock access to insights from 600+ industrial workers. Discover how to prioritize industrial worker safety, and boost productivity and overall efficiency with online safety training and EHS management software.

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