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August 1, 2021

Webinar: Creating Manufacturing Training That Works




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Creating Manufacturing Training That Works

The ultimate goal of job training is to teach employees skills that they will perform on the job as desired, leading to real and measurable progress toward business goals (such as increasing revenue, decreasing waste, improving compliance, etc.). However, it’s not unusual for people to be involved in the creation and delivery of training without having a proven, formulaic method for doing this. This webinar will give you a roadmap you can use to create better, more effective training that really gets results at work.

  • You’ll Learn To:
  • Determine business goals and KPIs relevant to training efforts
  • Analyze training needs before creating training
  • Create learning objectives
  • Create assessments
  • Create more effective training materials
  • Evaluate training
  • Determine if training is having a positive effect on business goals