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Best Practices to Meet Annual Training and Recertification Requirements


Learn How Vector Solutions' Online Training Management System Can Help Centralize All of Your Required Training Information and Improve Record-Keeping

Delivering and tracking training for annual mandates and re-certification requirements such as OSHA, NFPA 1851, NFPA 1401, state recertifications, or USAR can be challenging when using paper, spreadsheets, and filing cabinets to record and store important training documentation.

Vector Solutions’ industry-leading training management system (TMS), formerly known as TargetSolutions, offers purpose-built technology designed to help fire departments:

  • Identify ways to accompany your current training program with a comprehensive evaluation process
  • Digitize delivery and tracking of live skill evaluations to improve documentation and transparency
  • Leverage pre-made or customizable digital skill sheets to measure proficiency and identify areas of success and improvement
  • Review documented training data to create live skill benchmarks within your department

Watch this webinar video of Fire Engineering's recent webcast to learn best practices on how you can manage all your training information in one digital platform. Leverage Vector TMS to ensure personnel are trained, all your training data is stored in one place, record-keeping and reporting are improved, and your agency achieves compliance.

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