SDS & Chemical Management for K12

Formerly SafeSchools

Protect your school with our easily accessible, GHS-compliant SDS & Chemical Management System for K-12 schools.

The Vector SDS & Chemical Management System makes it easy to manage your district's SDS collections and chemical inventory online. With thousands of safety data sheets for chemicals commonly found in schools, our affordable, web-based system puts this important data at your fingertips, district-wide. Print organized physical binders, secondary container labels, and location posters with QR codes, all through our easily-accessible system.



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Improve SDS Access

Web-based system can be accessed from anywhere.

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Achieve GHS Compliance

Helps schools meet GHS compliance requirements.

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Avoid Violations

Improve employee hazard communications.

Discover Our User-Friendly Online
SDS System

With Vector SDS, your safety data sheets can be accessed at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency – making your schools even safer for students and staff.

100% School-Focused System

  • Easily-Accessible - Our web-based system can be quickly accessed from any web-enabled computer or mobile device. Having remote access to your chemical inventory creates an added safety net in an emergency.
  • GHS-Compliant - Schools must be fully GHS-compliant, including using the new GHS formats for SDSs, safety labels, and chemical reclassification. Our GHS-compliant system includes thousands of SDSs found in schools.
  • Avoid Violations - Hazard Communication continues to be one of the top 5 most cited OSHA violations. Our affordable system helps you inform employees about the chemicals they are working with and the possible hazards.
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Find What You Need, When You Need It

  • Extensive SDS Library - Our subscription-based system includes thousands of searchable Safety Data Sheets from manufacturers of chemicals commonly found in schools. Easily upload your existing SDSs into the system, too.
  • Powerful Search - Utilize our advanced search feature to quickly find and locate a specific SDS in case of an emergency.
  • Flexible Organization - Create, update, and manage your SDSs and chemicals online and easily organize them by location (buildings) and by collection (rooms, labs, storage, etc.).

Streamline SDS Management
and Save Time

  • Controlled Permissions - Allows students and adults to use their smart devices to quickly submit tips or report incidents.
  • Printable Hazard Communication Resources - Easily attach video, screenshots, or photos to tip reports to provide supporting documentation to administrators.
  • Centralized Communication - Broadcast important messages to staff using the system's built-in information center.
Streamline SDS Management

Our K-12 Safety & Professional Growth Suite

The following programs in our K-12 Safety and Professional Growth Suite complement our SDS & Chemical Management System and can help make your district an even safer, more effective place to work and learn.



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Vector PD Tracking

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What Our Customers Say

Fayette County Public Schools logo

“This system is a life saver! Having remote access to our SDSs through our Vector SDS System helped us to save the life of a student who had ingested a hazardous chemical!”

Kelly Breeding

Director of EHS, Fayette County Schools, KY

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Oldham County Schools logo

"Vector SDS came to our rescue after an incident in a chemistry lab in one of our buildings. When the captain of the fire department showed up, we were able to quickly utilize Vector SDS and show him everything we stored in the lab."

Michael Williams

Director of Pupil Personnel, Oldham County Schools, KY

Oldham County Schools logo

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