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5 Tips to Prevent a School Safety Lawsuit




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Michael Dorn, one of the nation’s leading school safety experts and Vector Training author, shares his firsthand experience about how he’s helped schools and districts successfully defend themselves during litigation. Citing real case examples, Dorn urges schools to have proper documentation of their effective safety practices. Doing so can help prevent safety incidents, and reduce exposure to civil liability and severe damage to the reputation of school organizations.

To help schools protect themselves from litigation, Vector Training commissioned Dorn to author our new whitepaper that outlines:

  • Tips to avoid litigation.
  • How to steer clear of “liability language” that can be difficult to defend.
  • Proactive steps you can take now that will help your district if you’re sued.

Michael Dorn is the Executive Director of Safe Havens International and is also the author of several courses in the Vector Training Staff Safety and Compliance Library, including Active Shooter; Crisis Response and Recovery; Emergency Operations Planning; Family Reunification; Tactical Site Surveys; Terrorism: Awareness and Response; and Visual Weapons Screening.

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