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A Holistic View of School Safety




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Proactive Strategies to Protect Your Schools

School safety is an ever-evolving issue, and decades after Columbine, mass shootings continue to occur. Often hindsight reveals the same issues – security lapses, failures in reporting mental health concerns, safety protocols that weren’t followed, and more. So how do we stop this cycle? While there is no one solution that will unequivocally ensure a tragedy never occurs again, taking a holistic and collaborative approach to school safety will help to lessen the risk.

A holistic approach means doing more than just installing metal detectors and security cameras. It means being proactive about prevention.

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  • 5 Strategies to Protect Your Campus
  • Tips to Get Students Involved in School Safety
  • 5 Measures that Support Student Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning
  • And More!


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