Higher Education: On-Campus Vaccines

Higher Education: On-Campus Vaccines

The Customer

This client is a private college in Virginia. It has an enrollment of approximately 1,500 students.

The Situation

Recently, the COVID-19 vaccine became available to all U.S. college-aged students. As a result, many universities have begun to offer vaccinations on campus so that community members can easily schedule appointments. This client set up a vaccination site in a campus auditorium and wanted to ensure that students, faculty, and staff were informed.

The Solution

This university had previously deployed the Vector LiveSafe platform across campus to facilitate community safety and ensure effective communication. When vaccines became available on campus, university leadership sent a Vector LiveSafe broadcast message with pertinent information about the vaccine, such as location and time of appointments.

The Result

Using Vector LiveSafe's broadcast functionality, this university client ensured that students, faculty, and staff were aware of on-campus vaccine availability. This facilitated COVID prevention efforts and kept community members informed and safe.

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