Ensure Compliance Training for FM Techs with an LMS & Online Courses

Ensure Compliance Training for FM Techs with an LMS & Online Courses

Compliance training is an essential requirement in many industries, including facilities management and maintenance. It’s critical that facilities managers ensure that maintenance techs and building engineers receive and complete the compliance training that regulators such as OSHA require (and that the training is well-documented, too). 

But what are the best ways to ensure that the compliance training is delivered, influences desired workplace behaviors, is satisfying and engaging for the workers, and fulfills the organization’s compliance requirements?

We’ll share a few tips for you in this article below. If you’d like to learn even more, you might appreciate listening to our recorded Create Better Compliance Training webinar or reading our 9 Things to Look for in a Compliance Training Provider blog article.

License eLearning Courses for Compliance Training 

Whether you deliver your compliance training “live” in an instructor-led format or you develop training materials for workers to complete online, creating all of those training materials is a lot of work. Many organizations don’t have the time to make those training activities. 

Additionally, many organizations may find they don’t have the subject matter expertise in-house to develop training materials for all compliance topics. We’re talking about both the actual subject matter of the training here as well as instructional design. 

As a result, it makes a lot of sense to partner with a training provider who has a large library of elearning courses for compliance training. 

Look for a provider with a proven track record of working in your industry and creating training for employees like yours

Create Your Own Site-Specific Compliance Training 

Once you’ve partnered with a training provider for a library of compliance training courses, you can then plan to strategically supplement those off-the-shelf online courses with training activities you create on your own—these can be classroom-style training, online courses you’ve made yourself, or a blend of both. 

When deciding on the topics on which you will create your own compliance training materials, consider first those that you have subject matter expertise on; consider those on topics that pose the greatest risk to your organization; and topics that you’ve learned your employees will most benefit from while conducting a training needs analysis

One tip is to create training experiences that present the learners with difficult decisions in the “grey” areas of a compliance topic. This will allow workers to actually struggle a bit to decide on the best answer and will offer an opportunity for the entire class—all the workers and the instructor—to discuss the issue in some detail. 

Use an LMS for Assignments, Due Dates, Crediting, Tracking, and Record Storage

A learning management system, or LMS, is essential for compliance training because it makes it so easy to assign training to the correct workers; manage training due dates, training expiration dates, and recurrent training needs; create training completion records; and store those training completion records. 

A learning management system will allow you to manage and administer your entire training program. This includes courses you’ve gotten from providers as well as those you’ve created on your own; courses learners will complete online and activities learners will complete offline (such as on the job or in a classroom); and compliance training as well as other forms of training as well—onboarding, upskilling, and all the rest of the training your organization provides. 

How Vector Solutions Can Help 

Vector sells online courses and a learning management system for the facilities management and maintenance industry and have worked with many companies like yours to help satisfy compliance training requirements as well as improve other parts of their training programs. 

Watch our short facilities maintenance online training video overview to get an idea of the 3D-animated, SCORM-compliant training courses we produce.


Download the guide to learn more about selecting and using online facilities maintenance training, including elearning courses and a learning management system specially designed for FMM organizations. And feel free to contact us at any time if you’d like a demo.

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