Risk Management

Risk Management

January 10 2022

Best Practices for Effective Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in…

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Best Practices for Effective Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools Webinar Overview Nearly 10% of high school students surveyed said they were sexually abused at school at some point during their school career by either another student or…

December 7 2021

Conducting School Threat Assessments: 4 Tips from a Psychologist

This article is authored by Dr. Scott Poland and was originally published online in Campus Safety.  Dr. Scott Poland discusses the four-step process of conducting a school threat assessment and provides some accompanying scenarios and suggestions. In August, the U.S.…

November 22 2021

Webinar Recap: The ABCs of Managing Risk for K-12…

In October 2021, the Vector Solutions K-12 Education team hosted a webinar titled The ABCs of Managing Risk for K-12 Schools, presented in partnership with the TASB Risk Management Fund. In this webinar, our presenter Charles Hueter shared best practices…

November 17 2021

Vector Solutions Releases First of New Microlearning Course Series

We at Vector Solutions are excited to announce the release of an entirely new library of online courses designed for a slightly different purpose than our previous libraries: our new workplace performance improvement microlearning course library (if microlearning is a…

Success Stories
November 11 2021

Vector Solutions: Facilitating Cybersafety

About Vector Solutions Vector Solutions is the leading provider of award-winning, intelligent SaaS solutions. Vector LiveSafe, a Vector Solutions risk management offering, is the leading mobile platform for two-way safety and security communications, emergency notifications, and community-sourced risk intelligence. The…

November 3 2021

Webinar Recap: Community-Sourced Risk Research & Best Practices

On Thursday, October 21, 2021, the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) hosted a Vector LiveSafe webinar titled Community-Sourced Risk Research & Best Practices. View the On-Demand Webinar In this webinar, Alexandra Brunjes, Associate Marketing Manager at Vector LiveSafe and…

November 3 2021

Community-Sourced Risk Research & Best Practices (Hosted by RIMS)

WEBINAR RECORDING Community-Sourced Risk Research & Best Practices (Hosted by RIMS) Webinar Overview Community-Sourced Risk Research & Best Practices Presented Live on Thursday, October 21, at 1pm EST | 10am PST  In recent years, mobile safety and security platforms have…

Whitepapers & Guides
October 26 2021

Infographic: Tips for Preventing Cyberattacks

Tips for Preventing Cyberattacks Digital business operations are increasing, and with them the risk (and severity) of cybersecurity breaches. Sometimes these attacks are obvious (typo-riddled emails asking for bank information), while others are more covert (seemingly-legitimate text messages with dangerous…