Special Education

Special Education

January 28 2021

Common Challenges and Simple Solutions for Supporting Students with…

Virtual Victory! Free Webinar with Lisa Combs, M.A. Special Education, CAS February 24, 2021 | 2 p.m. EST Online learning has created unique challenges for students with disabilities. How do we provide structure and keep students engaged? Some of those…

January 15 2021

Recognizing Trauma and Strategies to Help Educators

According to the 2017 National Survey of Children’s Health, at least 38% of children in every state will have at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE) before they turn 18. The Crisis Prevention Institute recently found that more than half…

December 9 2019

Helping Early Childhood Educators Support Students with Disabilities

The earliest years of life are full of rapid changes and transitions. Early childhood teachers are usually the first to notice when young children are not developing and learning as expected. Simple accommodations and modifications can benefit children with disabilities while…