Special Education

Special Education

November 18 2021

Developing Culturally Responsive Instruction

Students who are culturally different may face challenges that can impact the quality of their school lives and educational outcomes. These include high dropout and suspension rates, low academic achievement, poor student-teacher relationships, and other difficulties. Some students of color…

October 13 2021

Recognizing ADHD Awareness Month | Evidence-Based and Individual Interventions

No matter what your job is at your school, you can have a positive influence on your students. Although rules should be consistently enforced with all students, reminders, prompts, and encouragement need to be provided more frequently to students with ADHD.…

August 16 2021

Special Education Spotlight: Incorporating Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

What is Differentiated Instruction? Differentiated instruction is an approach to teaching that advocates active planning for student differences in classrooms but DI is not a set of instruction strategies, all children doing the same thing all the time, all children…

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August 9 2021

Managing Challenging Behavior After Times of Crisis

Nationally recognized behavior and autism specialist Dr. Kaye Otten shares how intentionality can turn crisis into opportunity for schools. The coronavirus pandemic contributed to high levels of stress and anxiety, increased the number of students and their families experiencing trauma,…

July 8 2021

Accommodations and Modifications

Educators and paraeducators are balancing a growing array of complex and demanding responsibilities. They can feel overwhelmed trying to meet the diverse learning needs of their students and effectively implementing the accommodations and/or modifications required to help students with disabilities…

June 30 2021

Behavior Management Basics for Paraeducators

In the course of a single school day, paraeducators might find themselves working with students in multiple settings and at some point during the day, they will probably be expected to support a student who needs more than academic help.…

June 16 2021

New Course – Dyslexia: Identification & Assessment for Informing…

Dyslexia is considered a language-based reading difficulty impacting a student’s ability to accurately and automatically read single words. This word-level reading difficulty is rooted in deficits in phonological awareness and phonics. Individuals with dyslexia also have trouble connecting the print…

May 21 2021

The Importance of Social Emotional Development

Potentially more than any other aspect of early childhood education, researchers agree on the importance of a child's social emotional development. This is because social emotional competence is associated with so many factors related to leading a productive, fulfilling life including:…

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April 9 2021

Why Special Education Training for All Staff

An Interview with Michael Remus 36-Year Special Education Teacher and Administrator, Former CASE Officer Michael Remus shares why he turned to online professional development to support the growth of all staff. All staff must be trained to meet the needs of diverse…