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Halligan Joins Vector Solutions

In February 2019, Vector Solutions added Halligan to their family as a leading mobile application for public safety agencies that streamlines routine maintenance inspections of trucks, tools, medical supplies, drugs, and other items logged in inventory records.

The addition of Halligan adds real-time routine maintenance inspections of trucks, tools, medical supplies, drugs, and other items logged in inventory records capabilities into the Vector Solutions product portfolio, furthering Vector’s strategy to provide integrated solutions that connect content and technology to deliver insights and knowledge when and how they are needed.


Vector Check It

Centralize inventory operations to reduce risk, prevent human error, and improve equipment uptime.

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Schedule your workforce while solving complex resource needs such as overtime, shift trading, and emergency rehires.

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Explore our industry-specific training libraries. Industries range from Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, K-12 Education, to Construction.

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"The EMS officer can relocate drugs that are about to expire to more busy trucks to use them before they go bad. This helps us save money and make the most out of our resources."

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Assistant Chief Kane Sesler
City of Dickson Fire Department (TN)

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What You Need to Know

Extended Brand Name

The company brand you know as Halligan is now Vector Solutions. Communication around our products, new releases, help items, contracts, billing, and more come from Vector Solutions. Read the official press release.

Same Great Products

The solutions you've known under the Halligan brand are part of the Vector Solutions family of products and solutions. You can continue to expect the same great service level and your contract terms do not change.

Extended Capabilities

You can now operate at the highest level with access to Vector’s entire suite of solutions to help you manage and report training, credentials, incidents, hazards, schedules, shifts and more. Contact your sales representative to learn more about Vector’s full capabilities or learn more below.


Top Five Questions About Check It

If you are considering purchasing an inventory management system for your agency, this is the webinar to watch.

Manage Your Critical Assets with Vector Check It

Easily identify equipment repair and maintenance needs with our inventory and apparatus inspection app.