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Solutions for Your School, Students, and Staff

Built for K-12 Education

Course Libraries

    • Trusted by thousands of K-12 districts and schools.
    • Obtain meaningful reduction in safety incidents, injuries, and losses. 
    • Flexible, affordable, customizable subscription plans for your budget.  
    • World-class support throughout the entire subscription.
    • Comprehensive training libraries for educators and staff members.
    • Online student safety and wellness courses.
    • Address critical topics; safety and compliance, diversity and inclusion, child sexual abuse, special education, school bus driver safety, and more.
    • Staff Training Libraries:
      • Safety and Compliance
      • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
      • Diversity and Inclusion
      • Special Education
      • School Bus Safety
      • Facilities Maintenance and More!

Software Solutions

    • Training management software
      • deliver your courses and/or packaged subscriptions. Customize, manage, simplify, and report on training effectiveness
    • Performance management software 
      • help busy administrators foster collaboration and strengthen teacher and staff development
    • Safety broadcast communications and tip management software
      • includes a mobile app for two-way chat, anonymous tip reports, broadcast capabilities, vaccine verifications, and emergency service requests
    • EHS incident management software
      • investigate school health and safety incidents, manage, report, investigate, and simplify federal regulation compliance
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