2021 National Safety Month Resource Roundup

2021 National Safety Month Resource Roundup

National Safety Month is recognized every June, and with so many changes in our lives, and new ones coming every day, it can be hard to keep up with new trends and resources. But never fear, we’ve rounded up some of our best safety resources to keep us up to speed. 

The National Safety Council (NSC), the nation’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, provides real-time, relevant resources on a variety of topics for keeping workers safe and, best of all, they are highly aware of our ever-changing environment and offer free materials on the pressing topics of today. Below, we’ll delve into some of our content around the NSC’s focus areas as well as some additional resources around safety during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Top Safety Resources to Follow in 2021


1. Prevent Incidents Before They Start

According to the NSC, “identifying risks and taking proactive safety measures to reduce hazard exposure on important topics from ergonomics to chemical management is crucial to creating a safe workplace.”

Risk prevention communication platforms are an incredibly effective tool for organizations to engage in two-way communication about the potential hazards related to a particular condition or activity. This Vector article describes some of the ways risk prevention communication platforms can benefit organizations by helping them determine probable risks and their potential impacts. 

2. Address Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns

Whether virtually or in-person, many employees are back to work, facing new safety guidelines and protocols during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic continues, staying up-to-date on best practices is critical to keeping your teams safe.

Vector Solutions’ Coronavirus Resource Center provides up-to-date, CDC-based safety resources for families, employers and employees, businesses, caregivers, first responders, and cleaning and disinfecting crews

Complimentary trainings available through Vector’s Coronavirus Resource Center include:

  • Coronavirus 101: What You Need to Know
  • Coronavirus 102: Preparing Your Household
  • Coronavirus 103: Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Coronavirus 104: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce
  • Coronavirus 105: Cleaning and Disinfecting Common Spaces
  • Coronavirus 106: CDC Guidelines for Using Cloth Face Masks
  • Coronavirus 107: Reopening Your Organization
  • Coronavirus 108: The Basics of Vaccines

3. It’s Vital to Feel Safe on the Job

According to the NSC, “leading organizations focus not only on [employees’] physical safety, but psychological safety as well” when they consider their safety culture.

We love workplace safety programs around here, because we believe that safety has to be truly integrated into your workplace culture. They’re critically important to the health of your organization, and, more importantly, the health of your workforce.

If you’re thinking of starting a workplace safety program, or you want to improve the one you have, here are our top 5 tips to design one that fits your organization’s needs.

4. Advance Your Safety Journey

The NSC states that “safety is all about continuous improvement,” and we couldn’t agree more. 

When it comes to workplace safety, our jobs are never done. It’s important to stay up-to-date on compliance and regulation changes as well as the changing needs of our employees. And one way to do that is by connecting world-class content with technology to bring innovative solutions to organizations and people.

To help illustrate how the right technology can keep employees, organizations, and communities safe, we can look at how these solutions support one of Vector’s most critical sectors: the fire service industry. Let’s look at an example day in the life of a firefighter, Joe, and how a comprehensive and flexible solution set (with a dynamic tech stack) empowers him, and his department, to communicate and make safer, smarter, better decisions. 

5. Onward and Upward

Finding ways to make your organization, employees, and communities safe doesn’t stop once National Safety Month ends. New challenges, complex regulations, and unpredictable environments are always around the corner, but we’re here to help. Learn more about Vector’s resources and solutions to help you create a culture of safety at your workplace and become safer, smarter, and better.

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