A Complete Solution for Managing Law Enforcement Training and Compliance


Today’s environment is rapidly evolving for law enforcement agencies. Amid changing demands and exposure, your agency’s ability to continue deliver and perform are essential.

Developed for law enforcement, TargetSolutions provides a comprehensive training and recordkeeping solution. With TargetSolutions, law enforcement agencies can reinforce procedures that keep officers safe, grow their personnel’s skillsets and continue to protect communities.

More Than 250 Hours of Law Enforcement Training

TargetSolutions’ online course library offers hundreds of hours of training for public safety agencies – including 250 hours of training for law enforcement professionals. Working with Calibre Press, this catalog features dynamic video content created by an authority on law enforcement training.

Courses in this catalog address relevant topics for today’s officers such as de-escalation strategies, implicit bias and mental health. Additionally, video case studies from body camera footage help reinforce these crucial subjects and create context for procedures.

Beyond law enforcement training, TargetSolutions also offers countless courses for professional development and career growth. Personnel can access timely training for Microsoft Office, management strategies, workplace diversity and more.

Policy Distribution and Management

In addition to training, the TargetSolutions system makes it simple to streamline policy management. No matter the policy type, with TargetSolutions, you can easily distribute it across your agency and ensure accountability.

Whether it’s a station memo on professional ethics, vehicle or firearm inspections, or new local mandates, all it takes is a few clicks to upload it to TargetSolutions and assign it to personnel. To verify that employees read and understand the policy, you can require an eSignature and time stamp. This also helps identify anyone who hasn’t acknowledged the policy and requires additional communication.

Record Live Training with the Field Training Solution App

The new Field Training Solution allows you to manage your FTO program digitally. Record live skill demonstrations with in-app videos and complete custom skill sheets that show proof of competency.

Manage All Aspects of Your Training Program

While TargetSolutions offers engaging online courses, the system also allows your agency to deliver, track and report all training tasks. Whether out in the field, in the classroom or watching an online course, TargetSolutions streamlines it all.

Create custom activities to capture hands-on exercises. Record field training to enhance future performance. Manage related policies and assign them to personnel. TargetSolutions allows you to bundle it all into one, centralized solution for your agency.

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