PBS Documentary Features Miami-Dade Fire Rescue While Providing Behind the Scenes Look at Vector Solutions


In this video, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department's Fire Chief Dave Downey explains the value of eLearning and TargetSolutions. This behind-the-scenes look by PBS shows how Vector Solutions works to change the world through revolutionary training solutions that save lives, inspire professionals, and elevate performance.

Vector Solutions, the parent company of RedVector, LearnSmart, Scenario Learning and TargetSolutions, is featured in a short-form documentary called "Behind the Scenes" hosted by James Earl Jones and airing on PBS stations across the country.

The education segment of the series features ground-breaking institutions of learning and significant organizations of merit. The piece on Vector Solutions looks at how technology is changing the way workplace professionals in public safety and other industries receive training.

The behind-the-scenes look shows how Vector Solutions is working to change the world through revolutionary training solutions that save lives, inspire professionals, and elevate performance.

“We have the privilege of serving heroes of society every day,” Chief Executive Officer Jeff Gordon says during the seven-minute, 30-second video. “It’s not just a job, it’s a passion for us.”

Vector Solutions now offers more than 5,000 courses, many of which can be used for continuing education and regulatory requirements. The video highlights how the web-based training management software company sets the standard for excellence in training for a broad range of industries, including architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors, as well as industrial, facilities management, public safety, and information technology fields.

During the video, Fire Chief Dave Downey of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department describes how his agency utilizes TargetSolutions, the industry’s leading provider of online fire department training, to streamline fire and EMS training compliance.

“The training is quality. It’s a much more efficient way of delivering the training to our personnel,” Downey said. He goes on to say that eLearning "allows us to implement it [training] in a more timely fashion where we can deliver it to all our members virtually at the same time...To implement anything took 6 to 8 months to be able to deliver instructor-led training."

Today’s increasingly young and mobile workforce is demanding more innovative and engaging eLearning content. Vector Solutions is working to address these concerns by consistently innovating new features that provide dynamic training experiences. Vector Solutions has a laser focus on the future of computer-based training.

“Training won’t just be a box you check. It will be triggered by metrics that identify a need.”

Vicki Zambito, Senior VP of Product, Content and Communications for Vector Solutions

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