New Bucket/Boom Truck Safety Course & Updated Driver Training


TargetSolutions’ Motor Vehicle Safety Training catalog features extensive courses covering important fleet topics such as defensive driving strategies, driver safety for large vehicle drivers, sharing the road and more. To maintain an up-to-date and engaging course library, TargetSolutions updated its popular Fleet Program Aggressive Driving course and released an all-new course: Bucket/Boom Truck Safety and Operation.

This brand-new course was developed due to the need for specialized training for boom truck, or bucket truck, operation because of the complexity of these pieces of machinery. To ensure the worksite safety of personnel, proper training for operating this type of equipment, and annual refresher training, are essential.

All-New Bucket/Boom Truck Safety and Operation

Bucket/Boom Truck Safety and Operation reflects standards set by OSHA, ANSI and FMCSA – which all govern the safe operation of aerial lifts, aerial lift trucks and the fall protection needed to operate from an aerial lift safely.

Delivered in a half-hour, video-driven course, an onscreen instructor provides an overview of bucket trucks, operator training, personal protective equipment, lift and vehicle inspections, worksite preparation and inspection worksite hazards to include mitigation of identified hazards. To better illustrate these topics, case studies and immersive videos are present throughout the course.

Lessons in this course include:

  • Aerial Lift/Bucket Trucks: Characteristics and Components
  • Causes of Accidents and Injuries
  • Vehicle/Lift Inspections and Maintenance
  • Driving and Worksite Safety
  • Aerial Lift Bucket Safety
  • Electrical Hazards Mitigation
  • Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Protection

Fleet Program Aggressive Driving

This aggressive driver training course was updated with refreshed content and video-driven lessons to help reduce the likelihood of drivers becoming involved in an aggressive driving incident. It proposes strategies for avoiding both perpetrating and provoking an aggressive driving incident.

The course also utilizes a live instructor to discuss the topic of speeding as a primary and deadly symptom of aggressive driving. It is hoped that this course will help create safer and less stressful roadways to ultimately save lives, minimize injuries, and save on property damage repair costs.

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