White Paper: How to Rehabilitate America’s Aging Water Systems Before Our Cities Pay The Price

How Can Our Water Systems Be Improved?


With more than 1 million miles of aging pipes running beneath American soil, the time to update our water infrastructure is now before cities are left to foot the bill. An estimated 240,000 water mains break annually, resulting in two trillion gallons of wasted water per year.

Above all else, most of the water systems in the U.S. were installed in the early or mid-20th century and built to last 75 to 100 years, meaning a majority of these structures are nearing or have already passed their predetermined lifespans. To add insult to injury, last year there were 32 recorded attacks conducted by cybercriminals against utilities in the U.S.


This white paper covers the following:

✓ An Overview of the Country’s Infrastructure
✓ A Need for Rehabilitation
✓ Solutions and Innovations to Improve Our Water Systems


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