TargetSolutions Is Revamping 14 CAPCE-Approved Courses from EMS Continuing Education Catalog


TargetSolutions updated 14 CAPCE-approved training courses with refreshed content and modules delivered in video formats.

TargetSolutions offers EMS providers more than 250 hours of continuing education to ensure personnel are compliant to state standards and are up-to-date on life-saving procedures. To enhance overall engagement and retention of material, TargetSolutions updated 14 CAPCE-approved training courses with refreshed content and modules delivered in video formats.

Revamped CAPCE Approved Online Courses

All 14 newly-improved courses are delivered in video-driven lessons for a self-paced and engaging learning experience. Featuring an on-screen instructor, refreshed training content is explained in depth with visual learning aids to ensure comprehension of material.

Each CAPCE EMT refresher course received a content makeover to ensure information reflects current state standards for continuing education for EMS personnel.

CAPCE EMT Refresher Course Descriptions & Details

Newly enhanced CAPCE courses provide important, practical lessons EMS personnel will use in the field. Updated titles and course descriptions consist of the following:

CAPCE Protecting Yourself from Influenza highlights the signs and symptoms of the flu, as well as the steps you can take to avoid the illness as an emergency medical provider.

CAPCE Blind Nasotracheal Intubation Advanced reviews the concept and procedure of blind nasotracheal intubation, including a discussion of indications and contraindications, intubation procedures, and methods of confirming successful tube placement.

CAPCE Endocrine System Emergencies Advanced - Coming Soon - discusses the assessment and management of patients suffering from endocrine and diabetic emergencies. Additionally, it conforms to the Paramedic National Standard Curriculum (USDOT) and discusses both healthy endocrine system functioning and pathophysiological functioning.

CAPCE Pediatric Emergencies Advanced - Coming Soon - covers the differing approach to providing prehospital care to infant and children patients to minimize the psychological impact of the transport on the parent and the child.

CAPCE Pediatric Shock Advanced - Coming Soon - highlights the types of shock a child can suffer from, the proper therapy to provide and the consequences of irreversible shock.

CAPCE Rapid Secondary Assessment provides an overview of rapid secondary assessment and emphasizes the importance and method of performing a rapid secondary assessment over each major body section, from head to toe.

CAPCE MRSA Infections provides an overview of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and enforces the importance of cleaning and disinfection and post-exposure procedures.

CAPCE Complete Resuscitation: Integrating Post-Care Advanced shows a complete picture of cardiac arrest management and what providers must do to both reestablish a pulse and then fully continue care through arrival at the hospital.

CAPCE Emergency Response to Terrorism (MOD#1) - Coming Soon - provides a general introduction to the basic concepts for first-responder awareness at the scene of a potential terrorist incident, including different incidents and agents.

CAPCE Emergency Response to Terrorism (MOD#2) - Coming Soon - discusses safe response to a potential crime scene, threat and risk assessment and special considerations for treating a scene.

CAPCE Emergency Response to Terrorism (MOD#3) - Coming Soon - covers recognizing hazards and how to protect oneself from thermal, radiological, asphyxiation, chemical, etiological, mechanical and psychological effects from incidents.

CAPCE Emergency Response to Terrorism (MOD#4) - Coming Soon - addresses incident command, conducting a size up and planning and implementing actions at the scene of a potential terrorist attack.

CAPCE Intro to Arrhythmias: Escape Rhythms and Premature Complexes discusses treatment for heart rhythm disturbances and health complications – if any.

CAPCE Intro to Arrhythmias: Tachy-arrhythmias and Fibrillation explains the common causes of sudden cardiac arrest and discusses the treatments for tachy-arrhythmias and fibrillation to increase chances of patient survival.

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