Comply with California Workplace Harassment Laws with Training from TargetSolutions

Comply with California Workplace Harassment Laws with Training from TargetSolutions

California Harassment Training Requirements Federal and California anti-harassment laws guide organizations in implementing policies that protect employees and ensure a safe, productive workplace. Although TargetSolutions’ online training courses help reinforce national and local mandates, many courses also speak specifically to California laws.

By delivering TargetSolutions courses, organizations can comply with numerous California harassment training requirements. Amendments, laws and regulations addressed in these online courses include, but aren’t limited to SB 1343, AB 1825, SB 396, Title IX, FEHA, SB 1441 and multiple others.

Learn how your organization can maintain state and national compliance using TargetSolutions:

Comply with California Sexual Harassment Laws

California enacted SB 1343 in 2019. This requires private employers of 5 or more employees to provide at least one hour of harassment prevention training to all non-supervisory workers by the new year (2020). After this deadline, the training must be renewed every 2 years. Similar mandates were also put in place to require supervisory personnel to complete at least 2 hours of training biennially.

TargetSolutions offers two training courses that, paired with your organization’s sexual harassment prevention policies, help meet these requirements. Both courses cover harassment as a whole, bullying, stereotyping, gender discrimination and the reporting process. Training courses in compliance with California Harassment Laws are listed below:

  • Anti-Harassment Training for All Employees – California (SB1343)
  • Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers – California (SB1343/AB1825)

Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers also addresses AB 1825 and additional mandates set forth in California AB 2053 and SB 396 on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

Preventing Bullying and Workplace Discrimination

TargetSolutions’ courses, Workplace Bullying and Workplace Diversity, cover multiple national and state regulations related to harassment and discrimination.

Workplace Bullying defines the different forms of bullying, presents case studies and discusses reasons to confront bullying in the workplace. Workplace Diversity offers lessons in how to create a positive work atmosphere, anti-discrimination laws and the process of handling a discrimination charge.

Important federal and state laws addressed in these courses include:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act – protects those with physical and mental disabilities from unfair harassment and discrimination based on their disabilities
  • The Age Discrimination Act – protects against age-related discrimination and harassment against workers over 40 years old
  • The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) – is a California law that governs many forms of discrimination and bullying faced by employees, unpaid interns, job applicants, and some independent contractors
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – was established by Title VII and prohibits employee discrimination due to color, religion, sex, national origin, pregnancy or genetic info

Protecting Students Both In and Out of the Classroom

In addition to protecting workplaces in California, TargetSolutions also offers training to prevent harassment and discrimination in schools.

Designed for paraeducators and school staff, TargetSolutions developed a Special Education and Inclusion training series. Courses in this series highlight the rights of students with special needs as described by IDEA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Key courses include:

  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP): An Introduction
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): An Introduction
  • Understanding Behaviors of Students with Special Needs
  • Understanding Inclusion for Special Needs Students

To protect students from sexual misconduct and help school staff identify and prevent incidents, TargetSolutions also created courses that cover Title IX California Harassment Training Requirements. The courses (listed below) not only outline regulations and reporting, but also expand on topics such as quid pro quo and hostile environments.

  • Title IX and Sexual Misconduct (EDU)
  • Title IX in Higher Education: Sexual Misconduct (EDU)

Lastly, additional courses for education professionals help improve understanding of students’ behaviors and needs. These courses cover laws for cyberbullying, such as California AB 2291, and laws that protect LGBTQ students such as the 14th amendment, AB 14 of the Civil Rights Act of 2007, SB 1441, AB 1266 and California AB 537.

  • Preventing Cyberbullying
  • Introduction to Understanding the Rights of LGBT Students (EDU)

For a complete list of TargetSolutions’ training courses, please visit our online course library.

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