Cybersecurity for Schools


Over 1.5 million people worldwide become victims of cybercrime every day. Educational institutions are no exception, as these recent news headlines confirm:

It’s important to educate your staff on safe internet practices to help protect them, and your school organization, from becoming the victim of a cybersecurity attack. Here are some general cybersecurity safety tips:

  • Never disable browser security for increasing functionality or ease of use.
  • Avoid websites that want to install software that you didn’t ask for.
  • Avoid clicking on phishing emails.
  • Avoid clicking on links that you’re not sure you can trust/look suspicious.
  • Avoid downloading apps, extensions, or items that aren’t familiar to you.
  • Use antivirus software, and enable security on your computer/laptop.
  • Enable auto updates or routinely update your operating system and browser software.
  • Always protect your usernames and secure passwords.
  • Always be on guard when you interact with strangers online and avoid oversharing.
  • Always be on the look out for habits or actions that might place you and your information at risk.
  • Control your internet security and privacy settings and check them regularly.
  • Consider adjusting the security settings of your browser, such as blocking or limiting cookies.

How SafeSchools Can Help

The SafeSchools Online Training System includes courses to help educate your staff on cybersecurity, including:

  1. Browser Security Basics
  2. Cybersecurity Overview
  3. Email & Messaging Safety
  4. Password Security Basics
  5. Protection Against Malware

And our new Student Safety Training includes a Digital Citizenship course, with a module specifically dedicated to helping students learn how to protect themselves and others online.

With preventative education, training, and preparedness, we hope that we can all work together to make this school year the safest on record.

Want to Know More?

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