New EMS Nosebleeds and Enhanced CE Training



Vector Solutions’ CAPCE-approved EMS training catalog features online continuing education for all levels of EMS professionals. New courses are frequently added to the EMS course library while others are refreshed with up-to-date content, new videos and relevant case studies.

The latest EMS catalog updates include the updated course, Medical, Ethical and Legal Issues, and an all-new course: Nosebleeds.

New Online EMS Continuing Education

Nosebleeds covers the necessary information when responding to epistaxis. This is important when understanding critical airway and breathing functions as an EMS responder.

Course material addresses medical conditions associated with epistaxis, assessment, diagnosis, management and potential complications of epistaxis. Additionally, the course discusses patient transport with consideration of destination decisions, and more.

Enhanced EMS CE Training

The recently updated course, Medical, Ethical, and Legal Issues, highlights the laws and legal issues EMS personnel may encounter. It reviews laws that affect EMS personnel, the scope of practice, duty to act, negligence, patient consent and advanced directives.

Updated lessons are designed to increase comprehension with engaging interactions that will help protect EMS personnel from civil and criminal actions.

Deliver, Track & Report EMS Training

Vector Solutions’ EMS courses are enhanced with video-based lessons and feature an onscreen instructor to explain crucial topics. Each course also includes mid-course interactions, case studies and industry best practices.

Available through the TargetSolutions training platform, agencies can deliver and track all required EMS continuing education units in one, secure system. Personnel can complete training any time, from any web-enabled device, and ensure recertification deadlines are met.

To view Vector Solutions’ full EMS training catalog, please click here.

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