New EMS Courses: Functional Communication for EMS, Pain Management & More


Vector Solutions’ EMS training catalog features more than 250 hours of accredited continuing education for EMS providers of all levels. New courses are frequently added to this catalog to keep up with current procedures and ensure EMTs, paramedics and EMRs utilize industry best practices.

All-new titles include: Functional Communication for EMS Providers; Pain Management; and Emergency Care for Electrical Burns. Available through the TargetSolutions training system, these courses will help EMS professionals fulfill CE units and refresh their knowledge of important topics.

New Online EMS Continuing Education

New training in Vector Solutions’ online course library features video-based lessons, an onscreen instructor and modern animations. Additionally, each course also includes scientific findings, case studies and comprehension checkpoints throughout.

Learn more about new EMS continuing education courses now available to your department:

Functional Communication for EMS Providers instructs EMS providers on how to use therapeutic communication with patients and ways to effectively communicate with patients in special situations to obtain the appropriate information. Course lessons include internal and external factors, active listening, verbal and nonverbal communication and more.

Pain Management explores barriers to under treatment of pain, pain assessment techniques, and affirm the power of prehospital personnel to diminish patient pain. The course also covers pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain treatment principles.

Emergency Care for Electrical Burns reviews how lightning strikes, where it strikes and the effect it has on the body. The training also challenges several lightning myths that can delay critical patient care, defines types of injuries, and explores tactics to increase rescuer safety.

Fulfill EMS Continuing Education Online

Vector Solutions is organizationally accredited by CAPCE. EMS providers of all levels can utilize Vector Solutions’ training system, TargetSolutions, to deliver, track and report essential continuing education online.

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