Keeping Casino Employees Safe and Healthy


Importance of Safety and Health

The Health and Safety of employees is the biggest responsibility an organization has, it helps reduce stress and makes employees aware of their surroundings. With CELEXA, Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, there are a wide variety of health and safety courses offered to ensure the compliance of your organization and team.

COVID-19 Courses

Celexa currently offers 6 courses for COVID-19 training. These complimentary courses cover the basics of COVID-19 and how to manage with the new normal. All are available for self-enrollment and/or Administrators can assign out through a training matrix based on job title and department to ensure that when employees login they know the necessary training to complete.


Additionally, organizations can upload their own COVID-19 courses and acknowledgments pertaining to their properties. Uploading these guidelines helps ensure employees are getting properly trained and notified of any important updates within the company. Once training has been uploaded and assigned, it can then be tracked with Report Analytics to confirm all have taken the required training.

Additional Safety Content

CELEXA’s health and safety courses are educational with real world scenarios for employees to relate to, including interactive pieces and an assessment at the end to ensure comprehension of course.


Defensive Driving: A series of classes on safe driving techniques to reduce chances of being in a motor vehicle accident and how to recognize possible hazards.

Risk Safety: From Bloodborne Pathogens to Hearing Safety to Safety Data Sheets training. Courses cover how to prevent exposure and possible risks.

Injury Prevention: Understanding safe lifting techniques and how to avoid slips trips and falls in the workplace.

First Response: Includes Active Shooter training, Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety training. Covering all safety measures for your company.

Training Based on Job Title




Creating custom training paths allows for a tailored employee experience. By assigning training based on property, department and/or job title, employees will save time and enhance their understanding on content relating to them and their position. See below for key reasons to create training paths.

  • Transferred employees or employees with multiple job titles will be easy to track and train because of this process.
  • Necessary safety precautions can be assigned adequately to departments. Ex: housekeeping, landscaping, restaurant, security, warehouse personnel, etc..
  • Creating courses with harder assessments and/or a high passing score can then be assigned to those in leadership roles, holding them to a higher standard of understanding.
  • Directing the content to the right employees so everyone understands their role in health and safety within the company.

The health and safety of employees is a company’s number one priority. With CELEXAs wide range of general safety courses and the flexibility for creating custom content, employees can remain educated on proper workplace practices. Giving frontline and leadership positions the training they need will not only create a healthier and safer environment for all in the future but will enhance the company’s culture.

In addition to our Learning Management System, CELEXA, we are excited to announce a suite of solutions and resources available through our parent company, Vector Solutions, to assist with reopening needs: Sanitation Checklists, Exposure Tracking, and Scheduling.

We’ve put together this video showcasing each solution. Please let us know if you’d like to schedule a demo to review any or all of our available solutions!

ONE partner with FOUR solutions – Let us be your trusted partner for your casino reopening needs.

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