All-New Law Enforcement Courses from Calibre Press


TargetSolutions releases new video-based training courses for law enforcement through partnership with Calibre Press.

Through TargetSolutions’ partnership with Calibre Press, a leader in law enforcement training content and creator of the “Street Survival” seminar series, TargetSolutions is adding all-new courses for law enforcement professionals to its online training catalog. Now agencies can access premium training content and track it all with the leading training management solution.

Twenty-five dynamic courses created by Calibre Press training experts will be released through TargetSolutions’ comprehensive course library throughout the year. This round of releases offers law enforcement professionals engaging training that highlights crucial topics for the industry.

About New Calibre Press Training Online

These courses by Calibre Press are 100% video-based and utilize a live instructor to explain key issues for law enforcement such as emotional health, use of force, active shooters and more. Using the expertise of thought-leaders in law enforcement training, these lessons reflect current information and strategies.

Here’s a look at new courses in this release of Calibre Press training content:

Emotional Survival in Law Enforcement addresses police culture, the identifiers and symptoms of stress, and healthy coping mechanisms to avoid the negative consequences of physical and mental stress.

The Graham Standard explains the Graham Standard for understanding perspective in use of force cases and utilizes case studies and the Three Prong Test to determine when it is appropriate for officers to act.

Guardians on the Grounds: Police-Fire Relations and Securing Facilities describes the definitions of active shooters and threats according to the FBI, presents case studies from previous incidents and explains strategies for preparation and response.

Women in Leadership (LAW) covers overall leadership qualities, the differing perceptions of men and women, leadership qualities often found in women and the power of appreciation.

Additional Courses by Calibre Press

In addition to these four comprehensive training courses, four additional courses by Calibre Press were added to TargetSolutions’ law enforcement training catalog in February. Here are there titles and course descriptions:

Distracted Driving (LAW) focuses on distracted driving, the types of distracted driving and the devastating consequences for law enforcement that can result from not paying attention while behind the wheel.

Approach: People aims to provide a better understanding of the when/then mentality, the three legal justifications for approaching people, approach priority, and the duties and responsibilities of the contact and cover officers.

Approach: Vehicle provides an overview of the proper way to approach vehicles while considering the totality of the situation and your safety.

Approach: Buildings provides an overview of the different building approaches while considering the totality of the situation and your safety.

For questions about new Calibre Press courses, check out our online law enforcement course catalog or contact us today (800) 840-8048!

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