LiveSafe Resource Bundle: Manufacturing & Industrial

LiveSafe Resource Bundle: Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial companies face a variety of challenges ranging from worker safety to regulatory compliance, cyber risk, talent succession, and digital transformation. Effective safety communication and easily-accessible resources are critical.

This page presents a collection of Vector LiveSafe features, blogs, use cases, guides, and more related to manufacturing and industrial companies.

Mobile App Key Features

Broadcast Notifications (+ Check-In): Targeted mass notifications can inform your workforce about emergency warnings and guidance, policy updates, and more, especially when they are working alone or on an unfamiliar worksite. These messages can also include a “Check-In” that allows users to indicate whether they are safe or require assistance.

Resources: Customize the Resources section with relevant local or organizational policies and guidance. If employees are working and need to access safety or health resources (ex: your organization’s policy for OSHA-compliant personal protective equipment, safety training videos, or risk assessment guidelines) they can instantly access relevant information. This can be particularly valuable for lone workers.

Tip Reporting: Workers can easily submit questions or concerns using LiveSafe Tip Submit (ex: reports of workplace hazards, OSHA concerns, or general questions) so that leadership is aware of pertinent safety issues and emerging risks.

Two-Way Messaging: After submitting a tip, workers can engage in real-time conversation with leadership and receive support and guidance.

Emergency Support: In the event of a critical incident, workers can use one-touch emergency options to reach local law enforcement, your organization’s security team, and other resources.

SafeWalk: Workers can use SafeWalk to allow selected friends, family members, or coworkers to oversee their commutes, whether they are walking or driving, and ensure that they arrive safely. Workers can use this feature when commuting to and from job sites when they are alone, feel unsafe, or are at a dangerous or deserted worksite.


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Use Cases

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Dominion Energy: Heat Safety


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For manufacturing companies to maintain operational efficiency, identify emerging risks, and promote employee health and safety, they must remain aware of industry-wide threats and facilitate regular, effective safety communication. With the resources above and the Vector LiveSafe Platform’s many safety communication and prevention capabilities, you can protect your employees and your organization.

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