Maintain a Safe Working Environment with TargetSolutions’ Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

TargetSolutions’ sexual harassment awareness training courses provide agencies with the tools to help prevent incidents and create a positive work environment.

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says more than 11,000 charges of sexual harassment were filed as recently as 2011. According to the United States Department of Justice, claims amount to more than one billion dollars in annual losses.

Sexual harassment creates an environment of hostility and anxiety, where victims suffer from depression, anger and fear.

While achieving compliance for mandatory sexual harassment training is a positive step in the right direction, further ensuring the prevention of harassment helps create a healthy work environment.

TargetSolutions’ online training library features sexual harassment awareness courses with lessons for supervisors and employees alike.

“I think when we look solely at the compliance piece we lose a little bit of the human factor. We can help organizations provide this training and focus on educating their folks around what a safe work environment is. We take the compliance piece and humanize it, making it something that shows that an organization cares about their individuals.”

Jennifer Jones, TargetSolutions

One of the most powerful components of the platform’s training management system is the Manage Credentials application, which allows platform managers to package and deliver online courses with custom content, including sexual harassment policies and information.

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