Mobile Fire-Rescue Manages Inspections and Compliance with Vector Solutions Check It™

Mobile Fire-Rescue Manages Inspections and Compliance with Vector Solutions Check It™

Mobile Fire Rescue TargetSolutions Check It™

Agency Stats:

  • Class 1 ISO rating
  • Area of coverage: 400 square miles
  • Population in coverage area: 190,000 residents
  • Trucks: 19 engine companies, 11 advanced life support ambulances, plus technical rescue companies and hazardous materials response units
  • Staff: 487 civilian and sworn
  • Implemented Vector Solutions’ LMS in 2017; Vector Solutions’ Check It in 2018

Mobile Fire-Rescue Department (MFRD) is a class-1 ISO rated department in Alabama — a distinction held by only 1% of the nation’s fire districts. As a testament to their dedication to operational excellence, Captain Barry Glisson explained his agency has used Vector Solutions’ software to improve operations and staff training, as well as reduce risks.

About Mobile Fire-Rescue

When describing his agency’s responsibilities, Captain Glisson explained his personnel provide the large coastal community of Mobile with emergency response services ranging from HAZMAT and urban rescue to fire suppression, EMS and more.

Glisson described part of his role at MFRD as a strategic planner. He researches new technology to enhance his department and oversees its implementation.

When Captain Glisson heard about Vector Solutions’ tracking and inspection system, Vector Check It, he knew it was what his department needed to comply with state and EMS requirements. Captain Glisson explained that implementation was simple and personnel could use their own phones or the iPads on the apparatus trucks to do routine checks for apparatus, equipment, inventory and more.

Solving Missed Work Order Updates

Prior to Check It, MFRD used Google Forms and email to track daily inspections. The process wasn’t efficient and required monthly administrative maintenance that was difficult to keep up with. Work order tickets were circulated through email and many employees missed updates about a bad sensor, a tire issue, their turn out gear or a building maintenance issue.

Now with this system, work order tickets and updates are all managed in the app. Employees can check the app anytime to get a status update and the Supply Division automatically picks up gear when they receive a ticket and has it back before next shift.

The app provides an at-a-glance visual of all items requiring repair, the repair status and when they’re back in service along with associated costs for better financial tracking.

From Hose Changes and Hydrant Inspections to Daily Apparatus and SCBA Checks

By simplifying processes and improving communication, MFRD has full confidence in all their equipment and assets. Not only with meeting compliance standards, but even more importantly, knowing that they won’t face an unpleasant surprise when in need of a hydrant, apparatus or other asset.

In-app reminders and notifications decrease the chance of a missed check. MFRD uses Check It across their entire operations, including their annual hose testing, monthly hose changes, ladder inspections, hydrant inspections, daily crew apparatus and SCBA checks, and even their COVID-19 PPE inventory. With automated daily counts, they’ve saved countless hours of manual tasks and can easily produce reports  for ISO and other needs.

Simplified Search Tools and Barcode Scanning

Captain Glisson explained how the built-in barcode scanner in the mobile app has also come in handy. To locate equipment, personnel can scan its barcode in the app and the equipment is instantly pulled up in the system.

When MFRD had a specific type of monitor recalled, the Supply Division was able to search for the recalled monitors in the Check It app based on the serial numbers and quickly identify which trucks had the recalled monitors to ensure they were serviced.

Using LMS to Improve Operations and Reduce Risks

On the training side of their Vector Solutions suite, MFRD utilizes the Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver online course content, track and report compliance, facilitate public outreach and community risk reduction, manage policies and more.

The LMS has drastically simplified their ISO tracking and reporting, as well as provided better insight for the division chiefs to monitor their team’s training and even wellbeing.

For example, MFRD is using the LMS to proactively document employee’s exposures to possible carcinogens and risks. “We created an Occupational Exposure report to track firefighters’ exposure to structure fires so that we can better document the accumulative effect and help protect the health, wellbeing and financial accountability to firefighters,” said Captain Glisson.

There are so many ways to improve operations and reduce risks in Vector Solutions’ training system. Captain Glisson said they have digitized around 30 task books to provide more visibility and transparency into an employee’s progress, along with notification to help them achieve their benchmarks.

For example, MFRD set up task books for their relief driver qualification, and in the case of an accident, they have clear documentation of a driver’s training process to protect the city in a liability suit. They even have their staff driver’s licenses set up as a credential so they can track when someone’s license expires, which is another example of a safety net that removes liability from the city.

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