New Law Enforcement Course: Search and Seizure

New Law Enforcement Course: Search and Seizure

Understanding various legal concepts and rights, such as “legitimate expectation of privacy” and “probable cause,” is essential to law enforcement officer performance and preparedness.

Law Enforcement Search and Seizure course

Vector Solutions is proud to provide law enforcement officers and agencies with mission-critical training that helps officers make better decisions while in the field. Search and Seizure, our latest course added to our Law Enforcement course library, available through Vector LMS, explores the origin of the Fourth Amendment and examines several relevant cases and their verdicts.

Search and Seizure (1 hour)

Complete this course to learn more about how you can better protect yourself and your agency with a deeper understanding of the history and legal implications of search and seizure.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Search Warrants
  • Stop and Frisk
  • Vehicle Searches
  • Hotel Searches
  • Home Searches
  • Searching Passengers On Public Transportation

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