New Vaping Prevention Resources to Address Dangers of Growing Student Vaping Crisis

New Vaping Prevention Resources to Address Dangers of Growing Student Vaping Crisis

At Vector Solutions, we rely on thought leaders, professional organizations, and advisory school districts that provide us with ongoing insight into school safety needs. In addition to monitoring the legal environment to ensure we’re providing resources to help school administrators address their staff compliance training needs, we’re also focused on shifting cultural and societal norms, as well as the impact of technology and how all of these factors affect school communities. Whether it’s an increased sensitivity to survivors of sexual assault or recognizing the growing role of social media in sexual harassment or bullying, we’re evolving to meet our clients’ needs. One such area of need that has been growing at an alarmingly rapid rate is the youth vaping crisis.

New Vaping Resources for Students

In response to this urgent student health and safety issue and the valuable feedback we’ve received from our clients, we are releasing a new, powerful vaping prevention online training module available for students in Grades 9-12. This engaging resource, which is included as part of the SafeSchools Training Student Courses, provides information about the damaging health effects of vaping as well as offering tips and strategies to resist these pressures. Click here to preview the Vaping Course Module.

Often marketed as a “safer” alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the popularity of vaping among teens has risen dramatically in recent years due to the ease of concealed use and perceived harmlessness, especially in comparison to cigarette smoking. According to data compiled by the National Center for Health Research, the percentage of teens who have tried e-cigarettes has increased from 5% to 19% over the last four years. Additionally, one in four students in 12th grade and one in five students in 10th grade have vaped within the past month. Our new vaping prevention module seeks to dispel the myths about the safety of vaping and explains the risks and potential consequences of using electronic vaping products.

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About SafeSchools Training Student Courses

The vaping module is included in the Alcohol, Marijuana & Other Drugs course, one of the five online courses available in the SafeSchools Training Student Courses for students in Grades 9-12. The module will also be available for middle school students when the new collection of student courses launches in early 2020 for students in Grades 6-8. Other course topics in both the Grades 9-12 and Grades 6-8 collections include: Bullying & Cyberbullying; Youth Suicide Awareness; Sexual Harassment; and Digital Citizenship. The Grades 9-12 course collection is available today, and the Grades 6-8 course collection is now available for pre-order. View the Student Course Library.

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