Oceanside Tracks Its Firefighter Training Records with TargetSolutions

The Oceanside Fire Department has found success managing its training records with TargetSolutions’ online system.

Like all fire departments, Oceanside Fire Department has a critical need to make sure its firefighter training records are accurate. That need came into focus not too long ago when the ISO came to audit the Southern California agency’s training records.

“After finding out specifically what they (ISO) were looking for, I generated a report and that was the last I heard from them,” Oceanside’s Fire Training Specialist Stuart Sprung said of TargetSolutions’ ISO fire department tracking capabilities. “When they evaluated us on our training, we got top marks on everything because our documentation was on point.”

firefighter training records In addition to effective recordkeeping, the department has seen its total number of training hours skyrocket since implementing TargetSolutions.

“Our guys are training all the time, but if you make it harder for them to enter and record it, then they won’t because they’re busy,” Sprung said of how the agency tracked firefighter training records. “We usually have an over-abundance of training recorded that definitely satisfies.”

When asked whether or not the implementation of TargetSolutions makes his job easier, Sprung was quick and to the point: “TargetSolutions absolutely makes my job easier. It gives me the freedom to be untethered from my office.”

Would you like to learn more about the TargetSolutions fire department training system? Please click here to watch a demo video. If you have any questions, contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

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