TargetSolutions Scheduling™: An Online Emergency Dispatch Shift Scheduling Software & More

The role of the emergency dispatcher is essential to public safety agencies. Given the importance and unpredictability of this position, dispatch centers require a flexible and effective solution for managing employees.

With TargetSolutions Scheduling™, a workforce management system for public safety agencies, any complex scheduling task can be simplified with customizable automation tools. By implementing this application, you can ensure each shift is appropriately staffed and dispatchers are ready to serve their community.

Simplify Daily Scheduling with Automation Tools

Highly customizable features allow you to streamline how you manage dispatch shift schedules. You can oversee and edit employees’ hours using multiple features such as the Crew Scheduler and Timeline View. From the Crew Scheduler, you can view your agency’s schedule for the day, week or month, manage staffing levels and fill open shifts.

With this solution, you can also easily add and edit recurring schedules. Settings allow you to automate shift rotations with rules, such as 1 on/2 off, or create custom shift rotations of your own. This enables smoother planning and reduces human error when determining schedules.

Automation tools are also available when managing time-off requests and shift trades. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ lets employees submit vacation time or shift swaps on their own, with rules that oversee what type of trades are possible or which days an employee is allowed to request off. With these rules, an administrator does not have to get involved until they are approving or denying any requests. All requests are tracked and time stamped allowing your agency to go completely paperless if desired.

Staff Assignments with Qualified Personnel

Especially helpful for managing dispatch shift schedules is the Assistant module in TargetSolutions Scheduling™. The Assistant module allows your organization to set up rules for scheduling that the system follows based on qualifications, minimum staffing levels and more. These qualifiers can be defined as any qualifications needed for a shift assignment. For example, qualifiers can include an individual’s rank, employee grouping or certification.

Using this feature, you no longer have to manually manage personnel qualified to dispatch for fire, law enforcement and EMS. You can make sure all shifts have adequate coverage with employees who have the appropriate skill set for their assignment.

Ensure Line Coverage with Callbacks

For dispatch agencies, meeting minimum staffing levels is a necessity to ensure adequate coverage to handle call volumes. In the case of an open assignment, the TargetSolutions Scheduling™ system makes it easy to contact employees to fill the shift.

The Callbacks module features intelligent rules to help you specify the assignment you want to fill, which list of qualified employees you wish to contact and how they are contacted. Then, the system does the rest – automatically contacting employees according to your rules and filling the position and awarding overtime based on your agency’s guidelines. Automating this process not only saves precious time, but also increases transparency and fairness in overtime hiring.

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