The Ultimate Guide to MSHA Training Requirements & Online Training for MSHA Parts 46 and 48


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Need a better understanding of the mining safety training requirements imposed in the US by MSHA’s Part 46 and Part 48 training regulations? If so, the MSHA Training Requirements guide that you can download from the bottom of this article is the right thing for you.

Or maybe you’re looking for information about how you can use different online training tools to provide some of the training that MSHA Part 46 and Part 48 requires in an online format. Again, if that’s the case, the guide at the bottom of this article is for you.

Or maybe you want help managing and administering all that training, including stuff related to all training (assignments, delivery, tracking) but also stuff that’s specific to MSHA Part 46 and Part 48 (such as the creation of a training plan and multiple training programs, the specific training deadlines and expirations, other documentation needs such as specifying a competent person and a person responsible for safety and health at the mine, etc.). Again, you guessed it–our free guide to MSHA Training at the bottom of this article is for you.

And of course, if you’re (1) curious about MSHA Part 46 & 48 training requirements, (2) looking for online training courses for MSHA mining safety training, and (3) also looking for help with MSHA training documentation, recordkeeping, and more, then you’re the perfect reader for the guide at the bottom of this article.

So let’s continue to learn more about MSHA training requirements and using online training for MSHA Parts 46 and 48.

What Is MSHA?

MSHA is the Mining Safety and Health Administration. You can think of them as something like the mining version of OSHA.

What Are MSHA Parts 46 and 48?

MSHA Part 46 and Part 48 are safety training requirements for different types of US miners (and different types of miners and other employees and workers at US mines).

According to MSHA, Part 46:

… applies to the following types of mines: sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, surface limestone, colloidal phosphate, or shell dredging operations. Other mines included are: surface marble, granite, sandstone, slate, shale, traprock, kaolin, cement, feldspar, or lime operations.

And also according to MSHA, Part 48:

…applies to all underground mines and all other surface mines that are not included in Part 46.

See this MSHA webpage for more help on determining if your mine site is governed by Part 46 or Part 48.

Of course, the free MSHA Training Guide at the bottom of this article gives a lot of information about MSHA, Part 46, and Part 48 as well.

Does MSHA Allow Mine Operators to Provide Part 46 and Part 48 Training Online?

Yes. Here’s what 46.4(d) says (note that “computer-based instruction” is explicitly OK’ed):

“Training methods may consist of classroom instruction, instruction at the mine, interactive computer-based instruction or other innovative training methods, alternative training technologies, or any combination of training methods.”

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