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Convergence Training’s online occupational health and safety training courses teach new employees important knowledge and skills while providing experienced employees a way to refresh their understanding of knowledge and skills they're familiar with (see our article on the importance of "spaced practice" for more about the value of this).

There are some clear advantages of online training. One is that the employee can learn at his or her own pace. Another is that the employee can access the online training anywhere at work anywhere by using a mobile device. Plus the visuals have great explanatory power that aids comprehension and retention, as we explain in our 10 Amazing Ways Animations Make Safety Training Better article.

Convergence Training provides a large number of online safety courses on many different topics. This article describes just a few of the courses involving driver safety, first aid, equipment safety, and general safety. To see the full list of online safety training courses we provide and review sample videos and course descriptions, check Convergence Training’s online occupational health and safety training courses.

You might also find a LOT of stuff interesting and helpful on your online safety training search in the guide below.

Driver Safety Online Training

Whether you are driving a car or a tanker truck, it is vital to know how to drive your vehicle correctly and how to avoid hazards.

Courses like our alert driving training teach you how to observe conditions, anticipate hazardous situations, and react quickly to avoid hazards. Furthermore, the driving preparation course suggests how to plan your route and teaches you about vehicle maintenance. With our DOT HAZMAT safety course, you will learn how to appropriately label, pack, and handle hazardous materials while complying with existing regulations. We also have courses that specifically teach you how to drive large trucks through videos that explain how to navigate blind spots, secure a large load, and avoid rollovers.

Below is a sample of our Tanker Rollover Online Training Course.

Learn more about our Online Transportation Safety training courses here.

First Aid Training Courses

Convergence Training’s twenty-seven online first aid courses cover a wide range of topics focused on health and safety. From animal bites to how to help a coworker in the case of a stroke, we will help you learn how to prevent and deal with health emergencies to provide a safe environment for yourself and your coworkers.

Some important facts you will learn include how to appropriately hold pressure on a bleeding wound and what to do if a person’s body part is amputated. You will learn how to identify what degree a burn is and how to treat it. Furthermore, you will learn how long you should wash out your eye if you get chemicals in it. Another course teaches you what to do if someone has a diabetic emergency for both high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). In addition, you will learn what to do in the case of a heart attack, a breathing emergency, and how to use an AED.

These courses will improve your company’s overall occupational health safety and give you reassurance that you can help your coworkers if they experience a health emergency.

Below is a sample of our Heart Attacks and Cardiac Emergencies Training Course.

Learn more about our online First Aid training courses here.

Equipment Safety Training Courses

The equipment safety courses allow you to learn more about how to safely use machinery.

The hand and power tools course explains how to safely use and maintain electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, liquid fuel, and powder-actuated power tools. The course laser safety explains how lasers work, the types of lasers, laser hazards, and laser safety guidelines. The safety course in welding describes the hazards of welding, the correct safety equipment to use, and procedures to help prevent injuries. Heavy equipment safety introduction explains how to be safe when working with and around heavy construction equipment including trucks and forklifts.

These courses also teach how to be proactive in providing safety for pedestrians and coworkers while working.

Below is a sample of our Heavy Equipment Visibility Training Course.

Learn more about our online Equipment Safety training courses here.

General Safety Training Course

General safety covers a variety of useful topics. The hand safety course describes the risks the construction and manufacturing industries pose to workers’ hands and provides techniques for avoiding common hand injuries. Working over or near water explains the hazards of working in water covered areas including hypothermia, falls, and drowning and teaches you the best practices for working in this environment. In addition, hot work safety explains how to safely perform work that generates heat such as welding, cutting, or brazing metal, so you do not set a fire or burn yourself. Furthermore, the course in night shift safety describes hazards that can affect workers during a night shift such as sleep deprivation and limited visibility.

Below is a sample of our Hand Safety Training Course.

Learn more about our online General Safety training courses here.

Convergence Training’s online health and safety training courses are a great way to learn more or refresh yourself on health and safety training. Ultimately, these courses aim to help establish safe work habits for yourself and your team.

Only a few of the courses Convergence Training provides are listed in this article; there are more at our course listing page.Convergence Training also provides safety training courses in electrical, environmental, equipment, ergonomics, fire, hazardous materials, safety management, and much more. Explore Convergence Training’s online occupational health and safety training courses to find the right courses for you or your employees.

Let us know if you'd like to learn more about our health and safety training courses, our LMS for safety training management, custom safety training solutions, or other EHS compliance solutions.

And of course, please download a copy of our effective EHS training guide, below.

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