Why Computer-Based Training Systems Make Sense for Fire Departments of All Sizes


No matter the department size, all fire departments are faced with hundreds of hours of mandated training that simply cannot be managed solely with traditional training and recordkeeping methods. Implementing a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) improves a department’s ability to deliver, track and report all training types.

TargetSolutions is at the forefront of online training for fire departments and offers a cost-effective, powerful solution for departments ranging from metro-sized fire departments to smaller volunteer agencies.

TargetSolutions fulfills the basic training needs of all fire departments with a robust course library of more than 450 hours of firefighter training and 160 hours of accredited EMS continuing education. However, as each department has unique challenges, TargetSolutions includes user-friendly, innovative applications for a customizable training experience that is specific to the needs of personnel.

Find out why TargetSolutions is the right choice for every fire department:

Metro Fire Departments

Strictly classroom training and paper recordkeeping don’t cut it when it comes to managing training and compliance for the hundreds of members in a metro fire department. Incorporating TargetSolutions into a large agency, such as Cal Fire San Diego, centralizes information, standardizes content and simplifies delivery to ensure personnel are understanding their training and meeting annual requirements.

As members complete drill-yard training, platform managers can run comprehensive reports and have confidence they are staying ahead of upcoming certification deadlines.

In addition to streamlining the delivery and tracking of training, TargetSolutions also offers pre-built and customizable credentials that package together training for licenses, EMS continuing education, ISO compliance and more.

Credentials provide convenience to all members of a metro fire department. Personnel have a single location to access courses, task books and forms for logging drill-yard hours. TargetSolutions platform managers have an overview of users for certification tracking.

Mid-Sized Fire Departments

Although online training offers many benefits to fire departments, not all LMSs are the same. With TargetSolutions, fire departments are choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) that not only features powerful recordkeeping and dynamic online courses but world-class customer services. Agencies can expect implementation support from dedicated professionals.

TargetSolutions’ eLearning content is constantly updated to meet changing standards and engage firefighters. TargetSolutions’ firefighter course catalog includes:

  • EMS Recertification (accepted nationwide)
  • NFPA 1001, NFPA 1021 Company Officer, NFPA 1410, NFPA 1500
  • Wildland fire training, EVO, OSHA, harassment prevention, etc.

TargetSolutions also makes it easy for departments to create and deliver their own training content. such as videos, documents, SCORM courses and more. In just a few clicks, platform managers can build activities, which are electronic forms for tracking training and compliance, or credentials, which are customizable bundles of training courses and activities packaged together, with videos, documents, SCORM courses and more! Enterprise functionalities allows fire departments to share their content and digitally exchange resources with other agencies within TargetSolutions.

Volunteer Fire Departments

Online training offers affordable solutions for volunteer and combination fire departments. TargetSolutions allows personnel to train 24/7, wherever, whenever. With TargetSolutions’ courses and customizable activities, departments don’t have to take members out of service just to renew a certification. Cutting back the need for classroom time saves departments money on overtime for personnel, fuel costs and training instructors.

In addition to providing flexibility, TargetSolutions also enables volunteer departments to maximize hands-on training with online, pre-training content. Completing pre-training courses or activities before drill-yard exercises builds a foundation for critical procedures and optimizes time during off-site training.

With the fast-changing nature of the fire service industry, integrating online solutions into firefighter training programs is the key to staying ahead. Fire departments and cities across the country are adopting eLearning and rely on TargetSolutions’ industry-leading LMS to manage all aspects of their agency’s training.

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