OSHA Basics: Special Industry Regulations (Subpart R)



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The "Special Industry Standards in OSHA's 1910 Subpart R

OSHA has what are known as horizontal standards and vertical standards.

A horizontal standard is one that applies to employers in many different industries. For example, OSHA's Hazard Communication standard is a horizontal standard.

On the other hand, a vertical standard is one that applies to employers within a specific industry. The Special Industries regulations in OSHA's 1910 Subpart R are examples of vertical standards because they apply to employers in the specific industries listed in Subpart R.

Although OSHA's construction industry standards (1926) are not in the 1910 Subpart R section, they are another example of a vertical standard.

Industries Covered by the 1910 Subpart R Standards

The special industries covered in Subpart R are:

Click any link above to read the OSHA special industry regulation for those industries.

Conclusion: The Special Industry Standards in OSHA's 1910 Subpart R

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