Public Safety Pros Share Wins With Vector Solutions

Public Safety Pros Share Wins With Vector Solutions

How are public safety professionals using Vector Solutions' (formerly known as TargetSolutions) to impact operational readiness, performance, and safety at their organizations?

Here are nine public safety tips from customers leveraging Vector Solutions' data-driven, web-based software to improve training, workforce efficiency, risk management, and outcomes at their departments and agencies.

Gain valuable insight from your industry peers on how Vectors Solutions’ suite of systems can help your organization better protect and prepare its workforce.

  1. "Vector LMS allows us to build and deliver training content; document individual, company, and battalion-level training; and make it all available to be seen by everyone without having a big paper trail." San Antonio Fire Department Logo

    Captain Watson, Training Coordinator for San Antonio Fire Department (TX)

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  1. “The ability to do it [perform evaluations] on our phones is huge. The fact that another training officer can look at a report and oversee progress without making a call is extremely useful." Denver Public Schools Department of Safety

    Sergeant Jason Klika, Training Coordinator for Denver Public Schools Department of Safety (CO)

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  1. "NCRRS was very impressed with our records. The LMS also saves us a lot of hours in prepping for the inspection." Kannapolis Fire Department

    Division Chief Greg Summitt for Kannapolis Fire Department (NC)

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  1. "We like having the ability to log into one system to access our training, checks, and incident reports. Our Chief recognizes the value of having everything in the same wheelhouse." St. Tammany Fire District

    Chief of Training and Safety John Bauer for St. Tammany Fire Protection District (LA)

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  1. "I love this system. It's helping keep everyone accountable, well trained, and helping detect deficiencies before they become an issue." Draper Police Department Badge

    Sergeant Scott Adams, Training Coordinator for Draper Police Department (UT) 

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  1. "We had two chiefs who, after just their first time using the Scheduling app, said it was the easiest thing they had ever done and worked like they thought it should. We continue to find new uses to make things easier for our employees, like posting our video staff meeting links and daily truck check links in the notes section." Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue

    Special Projects Officer Blake Squires for Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue (AL) 

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  1. "We can provide accurate daily readings of where we are on our medications. We know the quantity at each of our 24 stations at any point in time. We record usage, transfer, safe counts, box counts—each with a required double signature since a different person might be involved in the various stages. In total, there are 53 transactions to verify our count inventory, and it used to be done on paper with a lot of manual processes prior to implementing Check It."

  2. United Fire Authority

    Karla Rickards, RN and Manager of Controlled Substances for United Fire Authority (UT)

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  1. "Maintaining overtime compliance is the key reason we got the Scheduling app. If you make a scheduling mistake, it costs money because you need to pay the right guy. The troops love being able to pull up their schedules on their phones. They can also submit their vacation time or document sick time without having to make a phone call."

  2. Longview Police Department

    Training Sergeant Doug Kazensky for Longview Police Department (TX)

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  1. "We wanted a Learning Management System that could grow with us. One that made it easier to follow the rating schedule and provide a true capture of all our completed training. We wanted a 'one-stop-shop' for all our training and documentation needs. Vector Solutions LMS (called TargetSolutions when we purchased it) provided all that and more." Apex Fire Department

    Training Captain John White for Apex Fire Department (NC)

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