TargetSolutions Check It™ Infographic: The Ultimate Operations Management Software

TargetSolutions’ dynamic training management platform enables departments to take their training program to the next level with powerful features for scheduling, tracking and reporting all training types. TargetSolutions’ latest innovation, the TargetSolutions Check It™ application, now revolutionizes how routine apparatus and equipment inspections are performed. Discover the possibilities of this all-in-one tool with this informative infographic:

The TargetSolutions Check It™ mobile application takes the guesswork out of frequent truck and equipment checks. Comprehensive checklists, service ticket workflows and intuitive reporting ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Using a centralized platform, personnel can easily communicate an apparatus’ status, oversee drug inventory levels and expiration dates and file service tickets when a truck or piece of equipment is due for repair.

Please click here to download this infographic on how TargetSolutions Check It™ mobile application helps simplify apparatus and equipment inspections for fire departments.

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