Use of Force Training for Law Enforcement Agencies


Law enforcement officers serve a broad variety of functions including fighting crime, maintaining order, solving community problems and – where necessary – dispensing force. TargetSolutions’ all-new training course, Use of Force, addresses the complexity of this defining part of police work.

This online course speaks to the unique challenges law enforcement officers face when deciding whether a situation calls for force. By taking this course, individuals can improve their understanding of use of force, encounters when it’s necessary and potential consequences. Using engaging and interactive lessons, departments can use this training to help start the conversation around the nuances of this topic.

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About Use of Force Training

While these occurrences are rare relative to the overall number of interactions between citizens and the police, incidents involving use of force occur daily throughout the country.

Use of Force training uses real scenarios to help define and explain these types of incidents. Throughout each video-based lesson, an onscreen instructor highlights research on the topic and previous court cases involving the use of force. This includes areas of focus such as when force is appropriate, post-incident procedures and documentation.

In addition to explaining cases of use of force, the course offers best practices to help officers minimize risk and liability. Frequent study exercises also test for comprehension to ensure lessons resonate with individuals. Once they complete the 1-hour course, personnel must pass an end-of-course exam to receive credit.

Use of Force Course Outline

Presented over 10 lessons, TargetSolutions’ Use of Force training covers:

  • Use-of-Force Occurrences
  • What is Force?
  • Legal Foundation
  • Types of Force
  • Use-of-Force Continuum
  • Establishing Whether Force Is Reasonable
  • Documenting Use-of-Force Incidents
  • Post-Incident Procedures
  • Investigating Use-of-Force Incidents
  • Conclusion
  • References and Resources

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