Vector LMS (TargetSolutions) Foldering Flexibility in Generating Reports

Vector LMS (TargetSolutions) Foldering Flexibility in Generating Reports
Vector LMS (TargetSolutions) Foldering Flexibility in Generating Reports

As a flexible training platform that has gained top customer ratings for user-defined configuration, Vector LMS (formerly TargetSolutions) has added more functionality for users to organize their reports.

The Learning Management System (LMS) Reports engine enables users to track success, identify issues and provide proof of compliance for staff and agency standards. Whether checking on compliance for specific training objectives, staying current with license requirement statuses, ensuring event enrollment, etc., well-organized folders help LMS administrators save time by making reports easier to find, view and re-run as needed. In addition, grouping scheduled or shared reports into folders help reduce clutter and keep file structures clean and easily accessible.

With the latest LMS release, platform managers are able to:

  • Create, rename, move, delete and manage folders
  • Create ad hoc and report schedules within folders
  • Move existing reports, scheduled report runs and report schedules into folders

LMS users can access the release documentation and step-by-step instructions in their Vector LMS (TargetSolutions) Help system.

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