VECTOR SOLUTIONS C.O.R.E.: Part 2 of 4 – Operational Readiness


This is the second installment in our four-part series exploring C.O.R.E – Compliance and Certification, Operational Readiness, Risk Management, and Efficiency Improvement – as key factors driving optimized performance leveraging a total performance solution like Vector Solutions.

Part 2 of 4: Operational Readiness

As discussed previously in the first installment addressing the key factors that drive optimized performance, compliance and certification are critical for every organization. But as regulation and compliance become more and more complex, compliance training and certification can help mitigate risks and ensure that there are no legal issues or penalties.

Compliance and certification deliver continuing education and accreditation, while operational readiness ensures employee development and growth. Risk management provides safety improvements and reduces risks and claims, while efficiency improvement reduces asset downtime while bolstering process and workflow.

Compliance training equips your employees with the right skills and training to handle the complexities of laws and regulations, allowing them to do their jobs more safely and efficiently.

The second tenet, operational readiness, leverages technology to arm staff with real-time data, training, incident and accident reporting, SDS management, staff evaluation, and professional development tracking in order to help organizations operate at the highest level.

Each tenet acts as a strategic piece of the C.O.R.E. puzzle that serves to optimize performance and bolster organizations with a workforce that is compliant, certified, prepared, safe, and efficient.

Here, we demystify operational readiness.

Total Operational Readiness Performance Solutions

In today’s ever-changing environment, organizations must be ready to flex, change and adapt as new laws, emergencies, market demands, technologies, and more get thrown their way. 

But how, exactly, do you create a workforce ready to succeed in any situation?

You train. You track. You provide the right tools at the right time. Why? Because operational readiness is never more important than when safety is on the line.

Employees and their organizations need to be prepared and as ready as possible in order to perform, take action, and respond to every situation. This where proper training, skills, and products come into play because by equipping your employees with the right tools and training, they are able to operate at the highest level. 

Further, operational readiness reduces injuries and claims, resulting in significant savings each year, all while increasing safety and compliance. A total operational readiness performance solution can … 

Manage Training

A training management system can automate staff training, saving valuable time and money, while users can access high-quality courses on important safety topics by leading experts from one convenient online system. 

Handle Scheduling

Software can empower your mission-critical workforce by making the most complicated organizational tasks simple and reliable, providing total control of scheduling and overtime hiring needs. Intelligent rules eliminate conflicts and grievances, determine tie-breakers, place employees in multiple rotating lists, and more.

Facilitate Tip Reporting 

In schools, tip-reporting systems keep users connected to prevent safety incidents before they occur. Connected 24/7, 365 days a year, a custom alert system will notify staff immediately of every tip and can easily track and manage incidents to resolution.

Manage SDS & Chemicals

SDS and chemical management systems make it easy to manage SDS collections and chemical inventory online. Prepare organized physical binders, secondary container labels, and location posters with QR codes, all through an easily-accessible GHS-compliant system.

Track Incidents

An incident tracking system can streamline the documentation process by efficiently managing incidents, including injuries and accidents, for all types of reporters. Additionally, users can investigate incidents from anywhere on campus, through any web-enabled device, with dashboards and administrative reports to provide key data to aid prevention efforts.

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Operational Readiness Can Be Complicated. We Make It Simple.

Operational readiness is more complex today than ever but technology helps to make organizations safer places to work and learn.

That’s why our clients subscribe to our market-leading programs to better manage compliance and prevent serious safety incidents. We recognize that our clients need a better way to train staff on important safety and compliance topics with strong and identifiable author expertise.

Our subscription-based programs are proven to help busy administrators save time and money, but most importantly, they make your business safer for everyone.

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