Help Police Officers Improve Service with 7 New Online Courses

Help Police Officers Improve Service with 7 New Online Courses

How do you provide 24/7 service and find valid training methods in today's challenging public safety climate complicated by budget cuts, staffing shortages, and COVID-19 restrictions?

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Vector Solutions’ online training courses have helped many law enforcement agencies, like yours, address these challenges by supplementing field and classroom training with online courses. By creating a blended learning environment, officers can better comprehend mission-critical public safety concepts at their own pace.

Keep reading to learn about 7 new law enforcement online courses that can help reduce liability and improve performance in your department.

(All Courses Equate to 1 Hour of Training Time)

Understanding Fatigue for Law Enforcement
Examine the cause, effects, and underlying psychological factors of officer fatigue and how it can impair certain tasks. Learn about fatigue management strategies that officers and departments can implement to improve performance. In this course, you will also review how police officers can identify core fatigue factors as part of an investigation.

Constitutional Law
Review the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as it relates to law enforcement. This course highlights amendments of the constitution that specifically target how law enforcement carries out its job duties, including the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth--with a special focus on the amendment that most defines the profession: the fourth amendment. Learn about relevant court cases and case law that have defined and shaped law enforcement, both traditionally and in modern society.

Officer Survival - Physiological Response to Stress
Define stress and its causes for law enforcement officers. Specifically, this course focuses on the physiological responses caused by prolonged stress in today's difficult environment, as well as the stress response that occurs during a high-stress event. Get suggestions in this training that you and your department can implement to help officers deal with stress to work effectively and compassionately to protect and serve your communities.

Domestic Violence
This course provides a general overview of domestic violence and reviews the psychologies of abusers and victims. Garner helpful information on breaking the cycle of violence and identifying crimes commonly associated with domestic violence. The discussion also focuses on scene safety, conducting an on-scene investigation, criteria for determining whether to make an arrest, and strategies for protecting the victim.

Policies and Procedures in Law Enforcement
Learn the fundamentals of policies and procedures and why they are crucial to law enforcement agencies' operations. This course also covers the need for clear and concise policies and procedures, with examples of the impact of a lack of proper policies and procedures.

Command - Core Competencies of Leadership
In this course, you will get details around three of the most significant aspects of leadership. The course also defines leadership and the core competencies for any individual to be successful, especially in today's law enforcement environment.

The Art of Effective Communication
What are effective communication skills, and how can you achieve them? During this informative lesson, emphasis is given to skills that a patrol officer can use to effectively communicate with others, including victims, witnesses, suspects, the community, and even their supervisors. You will learn ways to speak to people that will allow them to effectively accomplish important tasks—whether placing someone under arrest, rerouting traffic, gaining appropriate crime details, or some other policing objective. Special consideration and importance will be on techniques to actively listen and gain compliance in difficult situations.

When you can't shut down operations for public safety training, Vector Solutions' online training courses for law enforcement can help your department maintain shift coverage, territory/zone coverage and keep out-of-service/overtime personnel costs to a minimum.

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