What are Mobile Risk Intelligence Communications Platforms?

What are Mobile Risk Intelligence Communications Platforms?

Communication is a critical component of risk management and emergency response in every organization. In order to effectively identify and address emerging threats and respond to emergencies, organizations should deploy a mass notification system and provide employees with a means of submitting questions and concerns. Mobile risk intelligence communications platforms make this two-way communication instant, reliable, and effective.

What is a Mobile Risk Intelligence Communications Platform?

Mobile risk intelligence communications platforms are two-way safety systems that facilitate prevention, identification, and response to critical safety and security events. In addition to emergency mass notification system (EMNS) broadcast alert capabilities, these platforms enable users to easily report safety and security concerns. This helps employees receive support and guidance in times of need and aids organizations as they develop risk management and emergency response strategies and contingency plans.

How Do Mobile Risk Intelligence Communications Platforms Platforms Work?

Mobile risk intelligence communications platforms provide a direct line between security teams and platform users. This enables rapid communication of organizational updates, potential threats, and emergency response strategies. Providing employees with a mobile safety platform also helps foster a culture of trust and lowers the barriers to reporting.

Broken down into its core components, mobile risk intelligence communications platforms offer the following:

  • Mobile functionality: These platforms are available on mobile devices, typically through an easily downloadable app. This enables employees to easily view broadcast alerts, submit tips, and access organization resources at any time.
  • Risk intelligence: By providing employees with an easy, digital means of reporting questions and concerns, organizations gain insights into the threat landscape of their organization and the safety of their workforce. Analyzing employee reports can reveal patterns of threat and can help employers better understand and update their prevention strategies.
  • Communications: With broadcast alerts and tip submission functionality, these platforms keep employers and employees informed of pertinent safety considerations. Some platforms also have two-way messaging capabilities so that reported threats can be discussed and addressed in real time.

What Value Do Mobile Risk Intelligence Communications Platforms Provide?

Mobile risk intelligence communications platforms provide employees with immediate resources and enable organizations to better understand the threats facing their workforce. Using tip submission capabilities, employees can report safety and security concerns such as suspicious activity, incidents of violence, mental health concerns, or facility hazards. This helps employees feel safe and enables security team members to quickly identify and address risks before they escalate.

Broadcast alerts provide security teams with the means to instantly and reliably share information. This can be routine organizational updates, such as workplace event reminders or IT service alerts, or safety insights and guidance, such as suspicious activity warnings or active shooter response guidance.

Additionally, analytics and tip submission reports provide leadership with an understanding of their organization’s threat landscape and the concerns most often facing their employees. This can help leaders to identify patterns of threats, modify their prevention strategies, and develop contingency plans.

Above all, mobile risk intelligence communications platforms help build a culture of safety and trust within an organization. Employees know that their voices are heard, and employers are able to communicate pertinent information, identify and address safety and security risks, and respond to emergencies.

Deploying a Risk Intelligence Platform

Mobile risk intelligence communications platforms can be used to keep employees informed and to prevent and address a variety of safety and security threats, such as suspicious activity, workplace violence, active assailant incidents, mental health crises, cybersecurity threats, nearby protest activity, and more, regardless of the size or location of your organization.

To learn more about how mobile risk intelligence communications platforms can facilitate incident prevention, community safety, and emerging threat awareness in your organization, consider our recent Buyer’s Guide.


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