What You Should Know about LEED v4.1



At Greenbuild in Boston, USGBC unveiled the next step for the LEED rating systems: LEED v4.1. This update is being designed to ensure continued delivery on the vision of green buildings for all. For existing buildings, LEED v4.1 will be new, improved and agile to make it easier for every type of existing building — those that are occupied and in use right now, already impacting the lives of many people — to achieve LEED certification or be on a path to do so.


Introducing LEED v4.1 for existing buildings and spaces

In LEED v4.1, the rating system is simplified. The scorecard and requirements are streamlined, and new methodologies for tracking and rating performance are integrated directly into the rating system, providing a clear framework for achieving LEED certification, not just for entire buildings, but for spaces within buildings as well.

LEED v4.1 is bigger, stronger, bolder:

Bigger: LEED v4.1 is for all – it is more inclusive and allows projects to earn LEED points through building performance monitoring via the Arc platform.

Stronger: LEED v4.1 continues to drive performance. In fact, performance outcomes are fully integrated into LEED v4.1 so that you can measure performance on an ongoing basis.

Bolder: Lessons learned from those in the market using LEED v4 and over the last twenty years have led us to take a deeper look at existing buildings, residential projects and cities to develop unique solutions that address unique markets.

LEED v4.1 will deliver:

– New methodologies for measuring building performance by working with and supporting projects to track energy, water, waste, transportation and indoor environmental quality

– A simple, data-driven path to LEED certification for existing buildings, making it accessible to more projects than any other version of the rating system

– Updated referenced standards and performance requirements to ensure that LEED remains the global leader in green building

USGBC has released a draft for LEED v4.1 O+M for review, which will be followed by BD+C, ID+C, Residential and ND.

The goals of this update are to:

– Address market barriers and lessons learned from LEED v4 project teams.

– Update performance thresholds and reference standards to ensure LEED remains the global leadership standard for green buildings.

– Expand the marketplace for LEED.

– Improve performance throughout the life of buildings, reward leaders based on their performance and incorporate performance reporting to enable building owners to track progress towards environmental, social and governance goals.




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