Working in Extreme Temperatures Training Course Educates Personnel on Safety Precautions


Working under severe hot or cold weather conditions can put individuals’ bodies at risk. TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures course educates personnel, according to OSHA standards, on how to prevent heat and cold stress disorders.

June 2017 has been a hot start to the summer season; reaching record breaking temperatures and starting wildfires across states such as Arizona, California and New Mexico. In these conditions, agencies and organizations across all industries need to understand the hazards of working in extreme heat.

Individuals working in extreme heat or cold can develop heat or cold stress disorders if they don’t follow safety guidelines. TargetSolutions’ course, Working in Extreme Temperatures, provides an overview of how these disorders develop based on climate factors and how to effectively treat them in the case of an emergency.

This 10-module course takes roughly one hour to complete and addresses the causes and symptoms of temperature-related stress disorders.

“It talks about preparing yourself as an individual, working in these temperatures, and what you can do to mitigate these potential hazards. The course is applicable for all industries.”

Jennifer Jones, Director of Product and User Experience, TargetSolutions

Heat stress disorders occur when individuals are unable to maintain their body temperature in a hot environment. Disorders range from heat rash, heat exhaustion to heat stroke and carry symptoms such as mild skin irritation to fever and loss of consciousness.

Cold stress disorders such as hypothermia and frostbite take over when the human body loses too much body heat. If untreated, individuals risk loss of limbs or even death.

TargetSolutions’ course is compliant with federal OSHA standards. For organizations looking to satisfy specific state requirements, platform administrators can simply add their content to the end of the course and deliver it to personnel.

As weather patterns continue to create more polar seasons, individuals must protect themselves when working in extreme heat or cold. TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures course provides necessary information for employees to prevent themselves from falling ill and identify when others develop heat or cold stress disorders.

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