TargetSolutions Adds New Workplace Bullying Course to Training Library


New Workplace Bullying and other updated courses in TargetSolutions’ online catalogs help improve workplace safety and productivity.

To improve workplace safety and productivity, TargetSolutions has created an all-new course and updated two other courses in its online training catalogs. General HIPAA Awareness, Aerosol Transmissible Diseases and the all-new course, Workplace Bullying, educate personnel on best practices for maintaining a safe workplace and include industry standards to ensure compliance.

Each of these courses are video-based and include an onscreen instructor to guide individuals through important lessons. As they go through the lessons in these courses, individuals are also quizzed to check for comprehension and improve retention. More information on the new workplace bullying prevention training and other recently updated courses can be found below:

All-New Workplace Bullying Course

Workplace Bullying is a brand-new, half-hour course that covers the topic of workplace bullying, its warning signs and intervention and prevention strategies. Personnel taking this course are presented with background information on the impact and prevalence of workplace bullying, related laws and engaging case studies.

Lessons in this course are broken up into the following topics:

  • National Prevalence
  • Definitions and Key Impacts
  • Case Studies and Scenarios
  • Laws and Workplace Bullying
  • Reasons to Confront and Stop Workplace Bullying
  • Company Policy on Workplace Bullying

General HIPAA Awareness covers the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which was signed into law on 21st August 1996 as an Act to “improve the portability and accountability of health insurance coverage” for employees between jobs, to combat waste, fraud and abuse in health insurance and healthcare delivery.

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases provides information on Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (ATDs), which includes a wide range of diseases, all of which share at least one thing in common: they can be transmitted via an airborne route of infection (although for many ATDs, there may be additional routes of infection).

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