Enhanced Courses for Workplace Safety Training and Ethics


TargetSolutions’ enhanced courses in its OSHA and HR catalog are video-based and feature up-to-date lessons on workplace safety and ethics.

A safe and ethical work environment is instrumental in ensuring productivity and the overall well-being of employees. TargetSolutions’ online Human Resources and OSHA training course library provides agencies with comprehensive topics for creating and maintaining a positive workplace.

Four courses from these catalogs were recently updated with revamped content and more engaging interactions for your agency’s training. Enhanced courses in TargetSolutions’ course library include: Drug-Free Workplace, Workplace Diversity, Workplace Violence and Ethics in the Workplace (coming soon).

Revamped Courses for Immersive Online Learning

These newly enhanced courses are video-based and feature an onscreen instructor that guides the self-paced course and explains key points. Each lesson also incorporates dynamic animations and scenarios to reinforce topics and help individuals retain important information. Once individuals complete a course, they are tested for comprehension with an end-of-course exam.

Here is a breakdown of these updated courses in TargetSolutions’ library:

Drug-Free Workplace highlights the impact of drug abuse (dangers and costs), provides useful information about commonly abused drugs and explains how to evaluate a subsidiary component of a safety and health program.

Workplace Diversity promotes awareness and encourages acceptance of different cultures with strategies to creative a positive work environment and address discrimination in the workplace.

Workplace Violence addresses the responsibilities of the workplace and the worker to recognize, prevent and protect employees against workplace violence.

Ethics in the Workplace focuses on ways to incorporate ethical principles into the workplace to create a more positive atmosphere for employees and employers.

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