Creating Customized Activities with TargetSolutions Is Essential to El Dorado Irrigation District


The El Dorado Irrigation District in Northern California began operating in 1957, providing drinking water for homes, schools and businesses, as well as recycled water from its wastewater treatment plants to irrigate residential and public landscapes. Water is an essential link within El Dorado County and continues to be an important cog in shaping the county’s economic, ecological and cultural face.

The organization needs a simple and reliable pathway to distribute and track various training requirements. With the organization managing water, wastewater, hydroelectric plants and recreation centers, El Dorado Irrigation District has utilized TargetSolutions since 2009 for organizing and manually setting up training schedules for multiple departments.

“The main reason we use TargetSolutions and it has been awesome is to record any type of training our employees have had, including personnel documents,” says Human Resources Technician Dianne Matteson.

“We first started using it for the Sexual Harassment and the drug and alcohol courses for employees and supervisors, workplace diversity, and workplace violence. As we gained momentum, we started creating our own activities. With the Activities Builder application, we have come up with 100 or so activities.”

TargetSolutions has enabled El Dorado Irrigation District to build “custom activities” that cater to specific needs and requirements of the organization. One particular activity this organization has created includes safety inspection lists for managers to record data when inspecting various areas of the plant.

“When creating activities it is easy to do and manage,” Matteson said. “You can add components to it like ‘text’ and ‘certificates.’ ”

From the finance department to the organizations engineers, El Dorado Irrigation District’s employees need to remain compliant with standards that are required by OSHA and wastewater management. With the powerful reporting application the organization is able to generate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for supervisors to provide them with vital statistics on incompletion or completions of courses and policies.

The TargetSolutions report generator has saved El Dorado Irrigation District many hours or manual recordkeeping. Eliminating file cabinets and keeping records of training, certificates and personnel documents within the platforms File Center helps the organization make data easily accessible.

In order to avoid fines of thousands of dollars, El Dorado Irrigation District trains, tracks and reports online with TargetSolutions. With OSHA checking on the organization periodically, the report generator is able to provide accurate and detailed documentation of course completions.

“TargetSolutions is wonderful,” Matteson said. “If people aren’t using it or have never used it before, they should definitely give it a chance because it is probably one of the best programs I’ve used.”

About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions is the leading provider of web-based technology solutions for fire and EMS departments. These solutions enable departments to maintain compliance, reduce losses, deliver curriculum, and track all station-level tasks, certifications and training activities.

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