Vector Solutions Offers Complimentary EMS Safety Training for Professional Security


SAN DIEGO – Vector Solutions, a leading provider of eLearning and operations management solutions for public safety agencies and other essential industries, is offering professional security personnel 10 complimentary EMS training courses for the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the COVID-19 health crisis continues to affect communities, employees are faced with new risks and considerations as they continue the crucial work they do every day. To support private security professionals, and help them protect themselves and others amid the coronavirus pandemic, Vector Solutions is releasing relevant EMS training content, at no cost, through TargetSolutions’ online learning management system (LMS).

Available online, security professionals can access these EMS courses to reinforce safety procedures and learn best practices to help stay safe from infection from COVID-19. This training package is highlighted by the new course, COVID-19 (PPE, Decon and Transport), which includes lessons to help keep personnel safe, flatten the curve and break the chain of infection.

This series of EMS training can be accessed, at no cost to you, by registering here.

In addition to EMS Response for COVID-19 (PPE, Decon and Transport), other complimentary EMS course titles in TargetSolutions include:

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases is based on the Cal/OSHA ATD standard and covers how ATDs are transmitted, signs and symptoms of infection, workplace exposures and strategies to reduce infections.

EMS Health & Wellness highlights basic concepts to help improve quality of life and overall wellness such as mental health, stress management, nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.

EMS Infectious Disease Control provides an overview of the risks of infectious disease exposure incidents in the prehospital environment and provides practical information on various diseases and protection strategies.

EMS Mechanics of Breathing covers the anatomy and functions of the upper and lower airways, how to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide and factors that influence respiratory efficiency.

EMS Protecting Yourself from Influenza explores the varied viral mediums that cause influenza and other upper respiratory infections and covers how the annual inoculation comes to be, transmission vectors, mortality and morbidity.

EMS Respiratory Emergencies Basic explains the necessity of a clear working knowledge of respiratory emergencies and how rapid intervention can increase a patient’s chances of survival.

EMS Workplace Stress highlights common stressors, the impact of stress on the body and coping solutions to reduce stress in your daily life.

Respiratory Protection provides basic information on the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective devices for safe and effective use.

EMS Supplemental Oxygen explains oxygen delivery, tools for providing supplemental oxygen and appropriate doses of oxygen to provide individuals.

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